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Currently in development, Roarin' 2K is an independent, strategy RPG game that blends the classy vibe of the vintage era with the technological advancements of the near future.


Roarin' 2K, or R2K, is one of four teams isolated at a facility to test non-lethal weapons in paintball-like competitions. They must fight to maintain their positions in this final safe haven. Beyond the sea, history is repeating.

Beginning as a senior thesis project, I created the story and characters (including their models and textures). By finals week screening, I had created 7 unique characters. Amelie is skinned to my custom rig while the rest use Advanced Skeleton rigs. I worked on over 40 game animations and animated an additional 2.5 minutes for the trailer. For the demo level, I used Unreal Engine 4 and Knut Overbye's Advanced Turn-based Tile Toolkit as the starting template. My other responsibilities included designing the level's layout, handling lighting & cinematography, and composing all of the music.

Loyola Marymount University's School of Film & TV presented me with the Woody Woodpecker Award for my work on this project.

Roarin2K Promo Poster.png
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